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This wiki contains information about hardware and software resources at the University of Oregon Neuroinformatics Center.

If you are using our resources for the first time, please read our Acceptable Use Policy. Afterwards, you may want to read up on our Environment Modules software version management system, as it is installed on almost all of our nodes.

Organized Topics

Information about our systems is organized into the following categories:

  • Machines: Host-specific hardware and software documentation
  • Procedures: Guides to common procedures such as creating a new user account or configuring LDAP
  • Info: Miscellaneous useful info, such as user and hardware lists
  • Services: Software installed and running on one or more hosts to provide a network service
  • Compilers: Specialized vendor-distributed compilers
  • Software: Other software packages that are not compilers or services
  • Visualization Room: Information about the Visualization Room
  • Email Lists
  • Livedvd: Instructions for LiveDVD creation

Experimental project live documentation

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